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  • Sonam Chojur Advanced Cisco Collaboration
    Good Evening!! Greetings from Bhutan. For your kind information, I have resumed my office from today. Let me begin with how I imagined my stay in Mumbai before I came there. Since it was my first time stay away from my country I worried a lot. I was worried about everything. I was worried how I will be able to adjust and adapt ,besides all I was worried more about my study there. But those thoughts were just not true. It was not as I imagined ,rather, it was just the other way round. I had a very happy and enjoyable stay there. Everything was well organized.
    To stress on my training, I learned a lot . Of course I am new to this field and had very less knowledge. Mr. Franklin John (My tutor) he is just proficient and exceptional. He is very interested in teaching and sharing his knowledge. He his just expert in his field. Besides this, he is a very humble and gentle man. All of you are just so kind and humble that never gave a chance to miss home.
    I am so happy that sir agreed to help us in any kind of problems related to system and troubleshooting it , in fact, whole management appreciated that when I mentioned about it. I am very sure sir will definitely help us on this.
    I once again would like take this chance to thank the whole team (FCS LLP staffs) for your generosity, care, and everything. Everything went perfect, just because you all are just awesome. I miss you all and all our times together. One and half months of my training time flew just fast and seemed like a week.
    I will always wish and pray for the success of the company. Looking forward to see you all again. I will keep in touch.
  • A K Fred MCSE 2003, MCDBA, Security+
    Guys, this is Fred with you from Rwanda. MCSE was my dream and now am very happy that I have got trained and can apply all related concepts that I learnt. Prior to the training I was not very confident of technological challenges that came my way, now I feel more confident then ever and look forward to apply all the golden knowledge that I acquired. 

    The staff at India fixed up all the customized part of the training we required. The class was delivered above our expectation by Franklin John, a very senior and a experienced trainer. His technical knowledge was awesome and he knew the art of transferring knowledge so effectively.

    Some extra practice time would have been nice but since we took up MCSE 2003, MCDBA and Security+ all together it was already 2 months that the training went on for. All in all a great experience. I wish the training school staff all the very best. 

  • Andrew Ferrin CCNA
    During my 2 months, I passed my CCNA exam with 91% and passed the 2 Microsoft exams (Implementing and Administering Active Directory and Exchange 2000) which was my original goal.

    The final words I would like to add is my gratitude to Franklin John, who as a training instructor can deliver courses to highest standards and is also willing to spend as much time with you as you need.

    All in all, I am leaving India having met my requirements and with the necessary skills to takle the European job market.

  • Claus Stark Security+
    I have worked for many years as IT security consultant for DB Systems (the IT company of German Railways) in Frankfurt/Germany and I participated at the CompTIA Security+ training during my last vacations in Mumbai. I wanted to update my IT security know how, and to check the quality of the courses in general, because the trainings are so incredibly budget-priced (for German conditions). The CompTIA Security+ training was very good in concept, management, performance and price!

    First of all the overall friendliness and professionalism of the training management staff and the faculty was very impressive. And the "english" articulation of the faculty speaker was very good understandable for me as a German.

    The concept of lectures and short practical exercises in the Security+ lab is very interesting and innovative; I haven't found it in such way in Germany yet! After each chapter the participants had to work on a small exercises, and each participant had an own PC for that! Where else I have such opportunity for sniffing after confidential FTP passwords, to blue screen servers with hacking tools and to secure my E-Mail with PGP - "pretty good privacy"? Thank you very much for that much valuable hands-on-experiences! By the way: In respect of the lab-concept, there are also very small classes with max. 6 participants. That ensures a very personal and effective learning - very good!

    The learning material is also very good. We used the internationally bestselling book "Security+ Study Guide" of Michael Cross et al. At the beginning of the course I wondered as how to work through this thick book and all the exercises in only 5 days but the it was made possible!

    All in all I had a very good training week: Beside the competent update and consolidation of my knowledge in several of the 5 Security+ domains we had a lot of fun! And you can tighten international contacts - in my training there was participants also from Africa, India and the UK. For my next vacations in India I will surely check the dates of the trainings on the website!

  • Mark Dickens CEH
    Hi guys! I am from Spain and have been working on Microsoft , SAP and Novell for quite some time. I and my friend Nicholas Stuart White who is a SAP consultant were looking at training options on ethical hacking and came across this company. We were looking for something immediate and after exchanging emails for a couple of times, a special training session was arranged to fit our schedules, we didn't mind the costs cause we were all set to go to India for the CEH training. We were scheduled to go to Delhi for the training but finally chose Mumbai. And we were happy we did that.

    It was simply unbelievable that with such a short notice of less than 48 hrs, not only was the training arranged but the airport pickup, hotel confirmation was all in place before we landed. We started the training a day later since the EC council partnership was being signed up and we did not repent about our decision because we were well informed ahead of time of the situation.

    The trainer was fabulous and we cleared the certification on the 6th day. We were given sample questions for exam preparation. The facilities are excellent and the staff courteous. I would recommend it to all my friends, interested in Security courses.

  • Michael Kitsisa CCNA, CCNP, RHCE, CEH, CHFI
    I am Michael Kitsisa currently the Chief Technical Officer and Head Of risk and information technology of CELPAY DRC. I have five years of experience in various IT field such as System administration, Network Management and Java, Programming and so forth. But in my vision of becoming a recognized senior IT professional I planned to do many certifications at the same time, my dream was fulfilled.

    I perform within 3 months the CCNA, CCNP, RHCE, CEH and the CHFI certifications. The courses and the instructor were just excellent and although we had a very short period of time, I think I achieved my goal. Many thanks to Mr Franklin John.

    If you want to be a brilliant and certified IT Guy, this is the right place. I will be coming next year to do my CCIE certification and I did in my country a lot of publicity for this brilliant training school.

  • Joseph Arnaud Tchudjo Netong CCNA, CCNP, CCSP
    I just want to say thanks, for your kindness and professionalism. Because despite me being slightly handicapped in English language,you all were able to adapt to me and give me the maximum knowledge. Thank you for being so nice to me during my stay in India. I want to thank all those who have helped make my stay a wonderful learning experience, which gives one a different view of professional relationship. Mr. Franklin John who with his patience, concern and understanding, allowed me to get me the particular training, I had come for. The results were excellent both in training and in the success of my exams. I am enclosing below marks scored by me:
    867 / 1000
    Paper 1 966 / 1000
    Paper 2 977 / 1000
    Paper 3 1000 / 1000
    Paper 4 1000 / 1000
    Paper 1 1000 / 1000
    Paper 2 1000 / 1000
    Paper 3 1000 / 1000
    Paper 4 999 / 1000
    Paper 5 953 / 1000
    I have cleared all the above exams while the training was going on and has not exceeded a single day. Thanks again and I would come back for my CCIE security.

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